As someone new to the community, Adventure Club has been a terrific opportunity to meet people while learning about the area and fun activities. I have enjoyed touring oyster nurseries, learning to Bollywood dance, learning Laughing Yoga, china painting, exploring a marine lab and much more. It’s a blast and makes networking a snap.

Joyce Lopes, Vice President Humboldt State University

I very much enjoyed my first Adventure Club experience. The Laughing Yoga and Improv event was fun and helped relax a very type A individual (me). It was also a great way to network with women in the community. I will definitely participate in other Adventures. Susan Tissot, Executive Director, Humboldt Botanical Garden.

Susan Tissot, Executive Director, Humboldt Botanical Garden Foundatiion

Adventure Club is a treat I give myself. I wouldn’t otherwise try so many new things, or invite people I like but don’t know well, or people I haven’t met yet, to go with me. Sometimes things I want to do go onto a “someday” list, or I think “Who would want to do that with me?” With Adventure Club, there is something new every month, and a changing group to adventure with. I got to share my passion for steel drumming, invite lots of pals to go a beer and cheese pairing (local products! funny beer professor!), try Bollywood dancing, and more. Who knows what adventure awaits next time?

Harriet Watson,Teacher/Maker/Shy Person/ and Adventurer

I love Adventure Club.  I meet wonderful women and laugh and play like a child.  Not knowing the adventure until minutes before the event is the best fun.

Marsa Jordan, Adventurer


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